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Main Content Dear friends and guests of the Cologne unsicht-Bar! The Corona pandemic is hitting us hard.

THEMA Papst Franziska Vorbild Polen Die Zweite Reformation: Sexueller Missbrauch in der Kirche ist ein weltweites Problem.

Many costs have continued since then — without any revenue. Due to the uncertain prospects of the pandemic situation we had to act now and reorganize.

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The unsicht-Bar will remain closed the whole summer of If the situation will be brighter then and we bekanntschaften für behinderte confident that we might have a reliable future in the longer term, we want to continue in new premises - hopefully in the fall of Please stay with us in these difficult times and do not forget us. The unsicht-Bar is a matter of the heart for us and a valuable workplace for our blind and visually impaired waiters.

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As soon as we know when and where we will continue, you will find out here on our homepage. By the way, the unsicht-Bar Berlin is in cologne smell dating different situation and will re-open on June Thank you for your trust, stay healthy — and we hope to see you again Boris Swaczyna and the team of unsicht-Bar Cologne in March Dear guests!

In April the first unsicht-Bar was founded in Cologne.

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Since that time "Dinner cologne smell dating the dark" has become a world-famous event. Dark restaurants exist in many countries, on all five continents.

Even the "Duden", the famous German dictionary, shows an entry "dark restaurant" "Dunkelrstaurant" - to be precise. We are very pleased with this response.

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Many people have asked us over the years: Why is food in the dark usually so expensive - does it have to be that way? We think: No, it doesn't have to!

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For just 35 Euro we offer you 4-course menus specially prepared for enjoyment in the dark, with an extra delicious aperitif for welcome. To make your selection not too easy, there are four different menus:.