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Minimum age 14 years no exceptions. Guided tours are not suitable for wheelchair users and people with mobility problems.

Newsletter November 2020

Please wear closed, sturdy shoes. Video and audio recordings, as well as mobile phones are not allowed in the factory. Mobile phones are to be switched off throughout the tour. The instructions of the tour guide or works security is always to be followed. During the tour visitors may not leave the group.

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If you absent yourself from the group and works security have to be involved, you will be charged the costs. At the beginning of the tour identification badges and in some cases a personal audio guide will be issued. At the end of the visit both must be returned to the tour guide fully intact.

Doch diesmal haben wir eine Neuheit für Sie: Im Folgenden lesen Sie Berichte von unseren Mitarbeitenden aus verschiedensten Bereichen, die Ihnen erzählen wollen, wie die Pandemie, die Kenia schon seit Monaten lahmlegt, das Arbeits- und Privatleben der Menschen beeinflusst.

Should we issue you with an audio device, you can use your own headphones with 3. Smoking, eating and drinking is not allowed in the halls. Pets are not accepted. Guests who are intoxicated,are alcoholized 0. The access to the site will be decided Airbus Security. In areas of high noise level with the corresponding blue symbol, the use of ear protection equipment is mandatory. You can get this free of charge via the ear protector dispenser at the appropriate entrances.

All commercial information of the Airbus group and its business partners which you may receive during the tour is to be kept confidential from third parties.

single taken depends on whos asking t shirt

This also applies to internal information, such as for technical and structural equipment, manufacturing methods and procedures. All publications which are available after the factory tour, must be released by Airbus over the Globetrotter Travel Agency GmbH. Airbus as a host and Globetrotter as promoters reserve the right to suspend or cancel tours without replacement even at short notice due to operational or security reasons.

No charges will single taken depends on whos asking t shirt made in this case, but also no damages can be claimed. The guideline applies to all Airbus sites.

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Dear colleagues and guests,in view of the current corona situation COVIDAirbus has decided, for the protection of employees and guests, that normal plant tours will not be conducted at this time. There will be no plant tours in Bremen and Stade until at End of September In Hamburg, as long as contact restrictions allow, we can offer a special plant tour with hygiene regulations. This will always be with a lead time of ca.

Also we have mostly no english slots no enough requests for thatso please book an german tour if you understand a litte of german or choose a date where other english people have allready booked to reach the min.

Current: We will start again with factory tours in Hamburg from July 1st. You can book these online. Up to 5 days before the tour, there may be some changes in the schedule.

Here with this link you can see the COVID self-assessment which must be filled out and submitted before access. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accept guests with "protective shields" instead of mouth-nose masks and people who cannot wear mouth-nose protection during the tour for medical reasons.

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Note regarding domestic risk areas: With the decision of the management of Airbus Operations GmbH on Subject to change. For all other areas mentioned in the form it is still valid that you must not have had any contact with COVID 19 infected or suspected cases and that you do not have any symptoms of the disease.

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In the case of self-isolation, there is alternatively a maximum 48 hour old negative corona test. A refusal of access due to these regulations does not change the cancellation conditions. How do we proceed?

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In Bremen and Stade: We accept bookings from Oktober If it is not foreseeable 16 days in advance whether these can be carried out, we cancel them free of charge.

In Hamburg we rebook the guests at around 4 weeks before to the special factory tour with hygiene regulations, inform them about it and ask for the agreement or offer a conversion into a voucher or the free cancellation.

single taken depends on whos asking t shirt

If 16 days before the tour is not clear whether it can be done, we inform the customers and cancel the tour. To make everything as simple and unbureaucratic as possible, we convert bookings single taken depends on whos asking t shirt an advance payment into a voucher, which is redeemable for 3 years and can of course also be paid out if the guest does not want to Airbus in the next 3 years.

We also inform customers about this. When can the plant tours in Bremen and Stade or the normal plant tour in Hamburg take place again? Unfortunately, we cannot give any information on this, as it depends on regulations from the federal states and Airbus.

single taken depends on whos asking t shirt

We will inform about this in our newsletter and recommend to subscribe to it. Bookings for tours after the day deadline mentioned above are explicitly possible. We are already accepting reservations. You can currently book tours on our website until Dec.

Weltweit Einfuhrabgaben: Betrag wird an der Kasse bestätigt Muss an der Kasse angegeben werden Hilfe zum Versand - öffnet ein Fenster Dieser Betrag enthält die anfallenden Zollgebühren, Steuern, Provisionen und sonstigen Gebühren. Angaben ohne Gewähr. Der Betrag kann sich bis zum Zahlungstermin ändern.